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Every Child Deserves A Great Public Education.

Charter Schools Are Part Of The Solution.

Learn About Charter Schools
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Not all children are provided with an equal opportunity when it comes to public education – but that doesn't have to be the case.

If you believe every child deserves a great public education, then let’s support all public schools and the students who attend them. That includes charter schools.

3.3 million students attend charter schools
they are thriving in a public school that is right for them

70% of charter school students are students of color
and charter schools are providing them with a great public education

60% of charter school students come from low-income households
these unique public schools serve high numbers of students in need

Charter School FAQ

1. Are Charter Schools Always Public Schools?


Charter schools are public schools that sit outside the school district.
2. Are Charter Schools Tuition‑Free?


Charter schools are PUBLIC SCHOOLS (see #1). There is never a cost to attend.
3. Are Charter Schools Open To All?


If there is a seat, it’s yours. If there is not, a blind lottery is held. No entrance exams, ever.

An Important Part of the Public Education Ecosystem

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are innovative public schools created to close the opportunity gap and deliver an excellent education to every student.

How do charter schools work?

Charter schools are public schools operating under an independent contract or “charter” with an authorizing agency—typically a non-profit organization, government agency or university

What makes charter schools different than other schools?

Each of the more than 7,500 charter schools is unique — both inside and out. The possibilities are endless, but charter schools aim to provide a range of options so that parents can choose the school that best fits their child.

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